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$50 monthly includes one Movement Conditioning class/week, one Strength for Athletes class/week and access to all running and cycling practices.

Group Practices

A mix of morning and evening practices led by certified coaches who mentor your training by emphasizing appropriate energy system development and economical running technique.

Movement Conditioning Class

A group pre-hab class led by Functional Movement Systems Specialists that helps develop healthier movement patterns by increasing authentic range of motion and establishing stability in the core and joints.

Strength for Athletes

A group class that creates a more durable and efficient runner by challenging an athlete’s balance, core stability and strength specific to running motions and mechanics.

What is The LOFT?

Where We Train.

Each day presents the opportunity to move forward. The Loft is a training facility that is dedicated to helping runners, triathletes, cyclists and all endurance athletes improve and stay consistently healthy with classes and workouts that are centered on teaching healthy movement patterns.

For more than three years athletes from Phoenix Fitness and Training, Indy Runners, The Runners Forum, Tri-Loco, Butler University, Purdue University, Indiana University and others have made The LOFT their home base for year-round training.

The LOFT is conveniently located in the heart of Broad Ripple in Indianapolis at 6201 Winthrop Ave. Come join us for a class or a workout and move yourself forward.

A Community

The LOFT supports a community of like-minded individuals supporting one another.

A Training Refuge

No matter the weather, your work schedule, or what family commitments take priority.

A Flexible Schedule

For the early risers, late workers, stay-at-home parents, or serious athletes looking to doubling up.

All skill levels

The LOFT is where fitness seekers, avid athletes, and aspiring pros choose to achieve progress.

“The LOFT is a warm and welcoming space for athletes of all fitness levels. I enjoy going to classes like TRX or meeting up with my running group at The LOFT. I've found friends there, which makes achieving my fitness goals all the more fun.”

Heather K.

The LOFT's training philosophy

Our framework is based upon a periodized schedule with four main training blocks of; Off-Season, Base Season, Pre-Season, and Racing Season, combined with shorter training cycles that build up over 2-3 weeks with an active recovery week. The LOFT offers classes that builds the total athlete in the desired disciplines: cycling, running or triathlons. The classes provide FMS work (Functional Movement Systems) which address asymmetries, movement limitations and core stabilization, with other group classes that build strength, power, and the cardiovascular system.

Group Training &

Movement Conditioning classes reconstruct the athlete, developing fundamental balance, strength, and flexibility across key muscle groups. FMS assessments are available to identify your personal needs.

TRX & TRX Circuit

With multiple daily class times and multiple instructors, no TRX workout is ever the same. TRX helps athletes develop upper-body, trunk-core, and leg strength and power, using their own body weight.


Boasting a total of 16 Computrainers, multiple daily classes, and multiple screens for viewing both the workout and various media entertainment, “the Deck” is one of the most robust indoor training spaces in Indianapolis.


Held multiple times weekly, yoga classes are specifically designed by the instructor for beginners and more advanced yogis who require flexibility, recovery, and a modest amount of strength work in their routine.


Morning group runs depart The LOFT on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Specific workouts are designed to focus on developing the aerobic and anaerobic systems as well as addressing form.

Weights & Strength

Conducted in a class format or in a small groups, strength sessions are focused on developing strength, balance, and core stability to keep athletes performing well while staying injury-free.

Class Schedule

Our web-based class schedule is coming soon. For now, check out our schedule and join us for classes using Mindbody.

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